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Butterfly Garden

Kriss MacDonald
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Love floral artwork 60 x 80 cm in white wood frame
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60 x 80 cm Hope floral print in oak frame in sitting room
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Limited Edition Prints

Botanical Art Photography

By Kriss MacDonald

Flowers grown in my garden composed as a seasonal story. Photographed in natural light.

Butterflies found in my garden and in a butterfly botanic garden filmed on camera...then edited into the final floral artwork.

Butterflies as symbols of love, hope and transformation.

Ephemeral beauty forever captured in a limited edition fine art print.

Love Butterfly Garden print detail

About the artist

Kriss MacDonald captures the beauty of nature in her botanical art photography, now available in exclusive Fine-art print collections in Wild About Here. She creates seasonal tales featuring wild and garden flowers.

Kriss is an American-British photographer and visual artist currently living with her family in the Algarve, Portugal. Her work has been published in magazines, exhibited in the Algarve, and licensed internationally. A calendar for Panasonic Homes featuring exclusively her floral artworks won awards in Japan, and a nature photograph is in the permanent collection of the Young V&A Museum in London.

Previously she covered conflicts and major breaking news stories as an international journalist with AP and NBC News.